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Join us for a memorable, fun and special evening featuring the talented and most beloved Israeli singer-songwriter and pianist Keren Peles, the rising star Israeli singer Raviv Kaner, the world renowned stand-up comedian Max Amini and more surprising guests. 

This year we bring the sites, voices and inspirations from Israel to your homes, as we support the well-being of the children of Larger Than Life and their families impacted by the pandemic.

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The COVID-19 may have stopped the world, but it did not stop the spread of cancer. 1,500 children still fight cancer in Israel every year. With the devastating financial implications, the demand for emergency financial aid, and basic essentials has increased drastically.

The pandemic does not discriminate. It is challenging for people worldwide, but it is harder for our children, who are fighting cancer as well. Sick children are still isolated. They are stuck either at home or in a lonely hospital room for the last few months, cut off from the world completely. Their low immune system makes them more vulnerable to infections, and any exposure to this horrible virus could be life-threatening.

For these families, survival is a daily struggle. As a direct result of Covid, many parents have lost their jobs and are no longer able to provide the basic needs for Their sick child. How can they fight for their children if they struggle to put food on the table?


Our fundraising efforts are canceled for this year. We take pride in taking care of the children at our first renowned preschool for cancer children. Its success enabled us to commit to building the second one of its kind in Southern Israel.  Your generosity is needed more than ever to help us with our mission. Their words speak volumes and the love and support they feel is priceless.



Please support us again this year

“It’s hard to explain how difficult it is to be in a foreign country with a sick baby all alone.

Your support with everything we need makes a huge difference.

You made us feel like a normal family again.

You gave us back the joy of life. You are our angels”.







Larger Than Life was founded in Israel twenty years ago by parents of children with cancer.

This wonderful charity provides emotional and financial support that helps families cope with the enormous task of treating cancer. This includes spirit-rising trips in Israel and overseas, building the first preschool for kids with cancer, healing retreats, medications, tuition-free summer camps, laptops and enhancement of hospital playrooms.

Our devoted volunteers bring joy and hope to many children and their families in the United States and Israel.

We have created more than a dozen programs that were designed especially to improve the quality of life for these inspiring children, regardless of religion, race orethnicity.

Larger Than Life USA, Inc. is registered as a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation.

All contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law.

We Thank Our Sponsors

We Thank Our Supporters

The Russell Berrie Foundation

The Moskowitz Foundation

The Sara Chait Memorial Foundation

Larger Than Life USA Virtual Gala: Sponsorship Opportunity

Diamond: $10,000

10 Access Codes to enterthe event included, your company logo displayed on the screen during the virtual event, recognition as a Diamond sponsor, and an opportunity to briefly introduce yourself during the program.

A package of Mishloah Manot will be sent to you.


Platinum: $5,000

8 Access Codes to enter the event included, your company logo displayed on the screen during the virtual event, and recognition as a Platinum sponsor.


Gold: $3,600

5 Access Codes to enter the event included, your company logo displayed on the screen during the virtual event, and recognition as a Gold sponsor.


Silver: $1,200

2 Access Codes to enter the event included, your company logo on the screen during the virtual event and recognition as a Silver sponsor.


We will display the LOGOS of all the sponsors who support Larger Than Life USA, in accordance with the levels of sponsorship that are listed above. We hope that you will consider sponsoring this special and important cause. All donations are tax deductible.


To request further information please contact us at: 888-644-4040

For donation visit our website